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Off-Ice Conditioning


The WBS Knights practice in a state-of-the-art ice hockey training facility located within Revolution Ice Centre.

The WBS Knights offer the best training facility in the area.  We offer both on-ice and off-ice training for all ages which includes:

  • RapidShot - Revolution operates one of the only RapidShot units in the state of Pennsylvania.

RapidShot is a patented hockey training system that automatically passes and collects hundreds of pucks an hour. There are 8 pass speeds and intervals for training slap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timers. RapidShot is the most advanced computerized shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time. Rapidshot measures the players’ speed in accepting the pass, their velocity in shooting the puck and their accuracy in hitting targets. 
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  • 1 Year Membership - Unlimited use of RapidShot - Price $600
  • 6 Month Membership - Unlimited use of RapidShot - Price $300
  • 1 Month Membership* - Unlimited use of RapidShot - Price $100
  • Guest Pass* - $1.00 per minute (10 minute minimum)
  • Active WBS Knights players receive 20% off these prices
  • *$5 activation fee per card*

  • Skating treadmill - Becoming a strong skater is a key ingredient to ensure player’s overall success in hockey.  Establishing proper hockey stride mechanics and correct posture are directly linked with power and speed, yielding efficacy and efficiency on the ice. Power skating teaches proper edge utilization so that edge movement becomes instinctual, adding natural agility, while playing the game. Body position is key for strong grip and balanced lean, skills that ultimately result in players having tight, quick movements. As the game gets faster, the spaces get smaller!  Revolution's treadmill training coupled with Vasko Hockey Development (VHD) gives players the skating foundation in which all other hockey game skills can be built. We focus on a repetitive and progressive training style to ensure consistent skill development and aim to establish the biomechanics of proper muscle movement, so that each of our hockey players embodies these attributes as they develop and evolve.  Revolution's skating treadmill is a powerful and effective training tool, players will receive instant, continuous verbal and visual feedback during their custom skating session. 

  • Conditioning room - Revolution offers several options for comprehensive hockey strength and conditioning training with a certified strength performance coach in a variety of settings.  Our training philosophy is simple: Train the whole athlete.  We provide our athletes with the most effective, up-to-date education, training techniques, nutritional mindfulness, and physical and mental development in a motivating and engaging environment that fosters unmatched results on and off the ice. Each class is specifically designed to improve skating speed and agility with a more powerful stride, better balance, quicker feet and overall hockey-specific strength and conditioning.  Our objective is to develop the hockey player’s body awareness with primal movement patterns (squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend, and gait) and develop structural balance which translates to injury prevention and better on-ice presence through improved skills including skating, shooting, stick handling, and strength along the boards.


  • Full fitness facility - Revolution has a full fitness facility inclusive of carido units, rower, Jacobs Ladder, free weights and a complete circuit of Precor equipment.  


  • Shooting lane - Hockey training is different than any other contact sport because hockey requires the successful combination of strength, power and skill but also incorporates the necessity for balance, agility and poise to be able to perform on a hockey skate blade.  Revolution's facility has some of the areas best skill development coaches who are committed to training players on proper hockey habits and techniques focused on core hockey skills: power skating, shooting, puck handling, and passing.  Whether it is a beginner learning the great sport of hockey or an advanced athlete, our coaches are well equipped to create targeted skill development drills and techniques that are specific to the player’s needs.  Sport specific training techniques have been designed to support proper shooting mechanics and shot selection, passing and receiving, stick handling, positioning, angling, and puck control & awareness.  Revolution's training facility also has highly qualified goalie coaches and training equipment for all of your off-ice needs.  



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